Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening to all Wildcat fans and welcome to the Villanova Women’s Basketball blog! As a new member of the blogosphere and Villanova community, I write to all of you from the comfort of my luxurious dorm room located on the beautiful and not to mention, scenic, South Campus. For those of you who are new to the world of blogging, have no fear, for I am a novice myself. However, in my blogosphere research (mostly sports blogs, of course), I can assure you this will not be your typical (and no offense BORING) blog. Instead of regurgitating stats and other basketball-related information that may be particularly hard to follow if you aren’t the most sports- savvy, this blog will deal more personally with the team. What might this blog entail you may ask? Courtside updates from practice (only the best and most efficient news for our readers), news and updates about the ladies including EXCLUSIVE interviews, and if you’re lucky, “inspirational” one-liners from Head Coach, Harry Perretta. As the start of the season slowly approaches, the girls have been diligently practicing daily to perfect their crafts in hopes of attaining the same goal that all sports teams wish to accomplish: a championship…or at least just a couple of big wins. In recent news, the girls endured a brutal wake up call at 7:00 AM to travel to Quinnipiac on November 6th to scrimmage the lady Bobcats and performed impressively. They walked away with nothing less than an overall victory. Although spending more time on the bus traveling to-and-fro than actually on the court, it was well worth the trek. My personal favorite part about the trip (besides watching the girls play a killer series of scrimmages, of course) was what seemed like an unlimited amount of snacks stocked in the over-head compartments of the bus. While still in the stages of getting to know the girls, there is no question that these ladies can eat! At this time I would like to invite all of you to take out your cell-phones because who really uses paper calendars these days, to program in our upcoming game: Friday, November 12th, 4:00 pm vs. La Salle. This is the first official game of the season, thus, a must see. Be there or be square. Go Wildcats!



  1. Great blog. Just curious - exactly what kind of snacks did you have on the bus ride? Wish I could've been there for that. See y'all at UD on Tuesday.