Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy (late) Thanksgiving, everyone! I would like to begin this post with a HUGE apology for being MIA for so long! It has been a very busy few weeks (traveling with the team, Thanksgiving break, etc.), however, you can now expect weekly posts. A lot has happened in the world of Villanova Women’s Basketball including some great wins. The ladies started the season off strong with a victory over LaSalle with a score of 57-42. The highlight of this game? Junior Lindsay Kimmel’s FIVE three-pointers, three of which were scored within the first minute and a half. On Tuesday, November 16, the Wildcats were defeated in a hard fought battle against University of Delaware. On Wednesday I traveled along with the rest of the team to Annapolis, Maryland for a Classic at the BEAUTIFUL Naval Academy. The girls pulled off two very impressive wins against the Midshipmen (midshipwomen?) of the Naval Academy and the Golden Eagles of Oral Roberts. After being at the Naval Academy for three days, I realized some major differences between their campus and our campus. For starters, in order to actually get ON campus it is necessary to cross over a bridge. Also, after doing some research I learned that the Naval Academy is considered a “National Historical Landmark”. One of the most memorable buildings (besides the gym, of course) on campus was Bancroft hall. This is the LARGEST college dorm building in the world, but in my personal opinion it doesn’t hold a candle to my very modest home, that is, Caughlin Hall. However, I’ll let you guys decide with photos following this post. Other photos will include a very disheveled looking Harry Perretta following the girls’ game on Saturday morning. In viewing this photo please keep in mind: it’s about comfort, not fashion. The three games following the Navy Classic were a couple of hard fought battles. The girls had a triumphant win over Lehigh on November 23rd. This game was definitely a certified NAIL BITER, as is any game that goes into overtime. On the 26th of November the girls fell to Drexel, and also Marist on the 28th. HOWEVER, the past is in the past and with every loss comes a win. Hopefully we can all be prepared for a comeback this Thursday, December 2nd, as the girls take on Fairfield at home at 7pm. Also, be prepared for many more blog posts! Go Wildcats!

Bancroft Hall, US Naval Academy
Caughlin Hall, Villanova University

Harry getting on the bus following the win vs. Oral Roberts
(He gave me full consent to post this photo on the internet)


  1. I'd like to know where Harry shops - if only my husband could dress like him!!

  2. oh my gosh! Harry is too funny. I love how he tucked his shirt into the gym shorts! can't wait for the next game!

  3. haha
    its really funny man!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    always pads

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